Tender Touch


Today's fast - paced world has not only stressed its adults but has also included children in its fold. grades, homework,peer pressure, teasing and insufficient intention from working parents in nuclear families have taken a toll on the tender kinds of our children.

keeping in mind this rising crisis the teachers of S N Memorial International school have created innovative and tranquil peace corners in their respective classrooms to assist children to manage stress and resolve conflicts among peers. the same arrangement in from of a peace able has been set up for senior/middle school students too. their goal is to guide a child to be alone or with a fiend in a safe, structured, peaceful place, introspecting and experimenting with strategies to acquire calmness of mind and settle disagreements.


Non academic disciplines like music, dance, painting, cooking and cricket, yoga, karate, football,Archery,Wushu,Karate,Kabbadi,Kho kho etc. make up the co - curricular activities if children are left to learn different disciplines with in the school hours, little will be achieved.


Dance and music has always remained inseparable and so we wish to encourage children to pick up both Indian classical dance forms as will as the western steps.


In the highly competitive world of today children need to learn to be better communicates. some such activities are :

  • 1> Extempore debates
  • 2> Elocution